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A Well-Versed Woman Can Fight Any Battle

Happy Homemaker - Tuesday

I'm joining in with Happy Homemaker Monday with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM

We ended up having to put my cat to sleep last week. I am still heartbroken. He was my sweet baby, but he was suffering. I miss him so much. He was doing so much better for a few days, but then all of a sudden he took a turn for the worse. The next day I had a vet come to my house and we did it here. I didn't want Sammy to be terrified his final couple of hours cooped up in a box, riding in the car (which he hated) and then in a waiting room. I'm sad.

I started my "staycation" Saturday and of course being the old lady that I am, partially dislocated my knee putting my pants on! I could barely walk the first day - but today (Tuesday) I can get around carefully with my brace on.

*** The Weather ***

Monday - 69 sun and rain

Tuesday - 73 sun and rain

Wednesday - 69 and mostly sunny

Thursday - 71 and sunny

Friday- 76 and mostly sunny

Saturday - 78 partly sunny

Sunday - 81 partly cloudy



*** Right now I am ***

Just writing this and relaxing, elevating my knee



*** Thinking and pondering ***

Not too much. I'm in vacation mode.


*** How I am feeling ***

Left knee is improving but still swelling up. Right hip aching because I am putting more weight on that side due to the knee.



*** On the breakfast plate ***

 I had breakfast hash (eggs, potatoes, turkey sausage)


*** On the lunch plate *** 

    Farro, spinach, faux meatballs


*** On the dinner plate ***




*** On the menu ***

Monday Dad's house - burgers, bratwurst, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, watermelon

Tuesday Jambalaya

Wednesday Bean and rice burritos

Thursday Roasted veggie whole grain pasta with green salad

Friday Tostadas with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, olives

Saturday Out - Greek Salad with grilled chicken

Sunday - Chili cheese baked potatoes

*** What I am wearing *** 

A floral tank top and black shorts

*** On my reading pile ***

Last week I finished "Mother Daughter Muder Night" It was really good and not what I thought it would be. It was mostly about 3 generations of women working together to solve a murder. Their relationship is the highlight of the books - well that and the setting!

Just about to finish the book of Isaiah in the Bible.


*** On my TV this week ***

Criminal Minds (new season next month!)

48 Hours

Days of Our Lives

YouTube videos

I want to rewatch Cranford and Lark Rise to Candleford because an online book club is reading both of those books in the coming months and I want to read them!

*** Looking around the house *** 

I purchased a new rug and a couch cover. I am not going to buy new furniture until we move!

*** To do list *** 


Writing group most days

Pay bills

Bible study

Art Class

Revelation study online

Write my 2 new pen pals

*** What I am creating ***

I did a couple of pages in my art journal this week. I'm about to start an online Ruth study so I will be making printables for that.


*** Devotional, Prayers, Bible Verses ***

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1 Comment

Carrie B.
Carrie B.
May 30

Hello my Lovely!

Sorry I'm so late visiting. I finally found your blog. Lol

I sure hope your knee feels better! I've so been there before. Ugh!

I know I have those Lark Rise videos somewhere - I need to find them and watch too.

Blessings on your weekend ahead. xo

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