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A Well-Versed Woman Can Fight Any Battle

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello sweet Monday friends! I hope that those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Mother's Day! It was a gorgeous day here in Detroit, 70 and sunny.

I'm joining in with Happy Homemaker Monday with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM

*** The Weather ***

Monday - 83 and partly sunny

Tuesday - 61 and rain

Wednesday - 72 and mostly sunny

Thursday - 74 and mostly sunny

Friday- 72 and rain

Saturday - 75 and partly sunny

Sunday - 75 and partly sunny



*** Right now I am ***

Eating a cannoli (It's Sunday after dinner. Jeff stopped at the bakery)



*** Thinking and pondering ***

Thinking about how people will attack you even when you are trying to do something for good. More and more evil is permeating the world. This is what the Bible has prepared us for.

I'm also considering getting UP Faith and Family. I got rid of Netflix and Starz. I have Paramount Plus free through my Walmart membership. I have Prime because we order way too much from them. I'll work on that later. I have Hulu/Disney. We mostly watch YouTube! lol I'd like us to watch more Christian shows though.



*** How I am feeling ***

Sciatica reared up yesterday (see what I did there? lol) and that was no fun. I feel alright today.



*** On the breakfast plate ***




*** On the lunch plate *** 

   Farro, corn, faux meatballs



*** On the dinner plate ***

Corned beef sandwich and fries from the Coney



*** On the menu ***

Monday Coney Island

Tuesday BBQ pork, baked potato, corn, salad

Wednesday Pinto beans and cornbread

Thursday Rotisserie chicken, green beans, rice

Friday Bean burritos or tostadas

Saturday Chicken tacos with black bean and corn salad

Sunday Out or Dad's

*** What I am wearing *** 

A teal tank top and black shorts


*** On my reading pile ***

Please see THIS POST for my reading info

Just finished the book of Amos.


*** On my TV this week ***

Criminal Minds (new season next month!)

48 Hours

Days of Our Lives

Them (this is very dark and disturbing)

YouTube videos

*** Looking around the house *** 

The landlords are going to put in new windows, so I need to make sure all the windows and sills are clean!

*** To do list *** 

Work M-F

Writing group most days

Grocery shop

Pay bills

Bible study

*** What I am creating ***

I'm working on part 3 of the Sarah printable workbook/study. I just finished a 9-page verse mapping printable too. Worked in my art journal.

*** Devotional, Prayers, Bible Verses ***

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